Pay Online

Methods for Online Payments

Ease your payments when paying your vehicle on credit and pay your monthly installments through internet banking.

Going through My Payments, you should proceed to Pay a Bill and then choose Michael Debono Limited, and
input the following details:

  • Name & Surname
  • Account number (6 alphanumeric reference number in the format “AA9999”)
  • Vehicle number plate
  • Bill number
  • Amount

Log on to your APS Online Banking account & follow the following steps:

  • Click Tab Payments & Select ‘Transfer to Third Party’
  • Insert Amount to be paid
  • Insert IBAN number: MT08APSB77013000000042690310012
    or Account number: 42690310012
  • Name of Beneficiary: Michael Debono Ltd
  • Payment Reference: Client Code (e.g. ME0025)
  • Press Continue
  • You will be asked to insert an authorisation code from your token.

When clicking on Pay Bills, for the first time only you should then click on Add Payee and search for the company, ie Michael Debono Limited.

You will be asked to input the following details:

  • Reference number (6 alphanumeric reference number in the format “AA9999”)
  • Generate transaction signing code by following the instructions
  • Confirm
  • Proceed by choosing Pay a bill and input the payment amount.

Create Michael Debono Limited as a Payee (please follow the below steps)

  • Access your Revolut account
  • Go on Payments (bottom)
  • Top right Corner; Click on NEW Bottom
  • Create New Payee
  • Add Bank Account
  • To a Business
  • Country: Malta / Currency: Euro
  • Company name : Michael Debono Limited
  • IBAN: MT61VALL22013000000040015246343
  • BIC / Swift: VALLMTMT
  • Mobile and Email field – leave empty

Standing Orders

You can avoid the effort of making monthly payments by setting up an automated standing order. You can set
up a Standing Order payment system with your Bank by quoting the Bank details provided below. This makes
your payments easier, automatic and on time, therefore removing the risk of incurring late payment charges
or interest.
You are kindly requested to input your reference number (6 alphanumeric reference number in the format
“AA9999”) in the transaction details field.
Company name: Michael Debono Limited
BOV account: 40015246343
IBAN: MT61VALL22013000000040015246343 BIC/Swift: VALLMTMT

HSBC account: 044041986001
IBAN: MT26MMEB44440000000044041986001 BIC/Swift: MMEBMTMT

APS account: 42690310012
IBAN: MT08APSB77013000000042690310012 BIC/Swift: APSBMTMT

Kindly note that bills of exchange drawn in your favour by Michael Debono Limited may be endorsed in favour
of Izola Bank p.l.c. (C16343), however payment of the same bills of exchange is to continue to be made to
Michael Debono Limited.
Izola Bank p.l.c. in accordance with Directive 14 of the Central Bank of Malta Act, is required to report such
amounts due and all necessary information in relation thereto to the Central Bank of Malta monthly.
Rest assured that the processing of your data, both by Michael Debono Limited and Izola Bank p.l.c. is in line
with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and all your data is processed and stored for the
purpose of providing this credit/funding service.
This letter is being sent solely for information purposes. Should you wish to understand how your data is being
processed and stored for this purpose you can contact us on 22694000 or you can also contact Izola Bank p.l.c.
on Freephone 80072211 or 21241258 or you can send an email at [email protected] and request a copy of
the Privacy Policy via email in English or Maltese or view their Privacy Policy online on www.izolabank.com.
We are grateful for your loyal custom and are confident that this new setup will provide your business with the
excellent service that is synonymous with Michael Debono Limited.

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