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Smart tech? Innovative design? Connectivity? With a vast range of high specification company cars and accompanying features, you take the direction you want to go. As a company car provider, we understand registration tax plays a part in deciding which car to choose. 

At Toyota, our ongoing commitment to creating a sustainable environment leads us to design models that aim to deliver low COemissions, which in turn helps reduce your costs. Our nine hybrid models deliver low emissions that offer reductions in the amount of tax you pay.


Our vehicles provide you with first class safety technology, such as Pre-Collision Systems, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure Alert.


Across our encompassing range, we offer world-renowned top quality, reliability and utmost peace of mind. From small cars to hybrids, 4X4s and LCVs, we really do have a Toyota for everyone.


With no need to plug in, our self-charging hybrids offer an easy drive for you, and with low emissions, you will benefit from reduced tax bills.


Our hybrid vehicles are exceptionally fuel efficient, in fact, up to 50% of the time, you can drive our hybrids using their electric motor only, consuming no fuel at all.

Proace City

Starting from €29,195

New Yaris


Starting from €24,195

Corolla Touring Sports


Starting from €34,895

All-New C-HR


Starting from €36,195

All-New C-HR Plug-In


Starting from €40,795

New Rav4 Plug-In


Starting from €54,095

Choosing your business partner

Our eco friendly fleets combine forward- thinking ideas and are designed to keep operating costs down. When it comes to building a better business and a better future for all, start with a Toyota fleet today.

Small Fleets and Company Cars

If you operate less than 25 cars, contact our business centre to discover how we can help.

Large Fleets

If you operate more than 25 vehicles, the Toyota fleet team can help. From finance offers to booking test drives, get in touch today.

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