There is a market perception, largely true, that Toyotas hold their value better than other brands. There are a few reasons for this, but it mostly boils down to the fact that Toyotas are exceptionally reliable, innovative, safe and well-designed. 

The fact that Toyotas are seen as reliable isn’t a coincidence, and it’s down to Toyota’s manufacturing philosophy and commitment to excellence. In fact – several surveys done in 2024 put Toyota at the very top of the list for reliability. Because the cars that we make are so dependable, they hold their value exceptionally well compared to other brands. 

In this article, we’re going to go through exactly why Toyotas hold their value better than other cars, and what you can do to make sure to maximise the resale value of your Toyota.

Why do Toyotas hold their value so well?

1. Build quality and dependability

As we’ve discussed, a Toyota is one of the most reliable cars you can buy. Consumers value reliability, low repair costs and ease of servicing and maintenance, and that’s one of the reasons why a Toyota commands a higher resale price than cars from other manufacturers. 

The reason Toyotas are renowned for reliability is because we do not compromise on the build quality of our cars. We use high quality components, and our quality control practices are some of the best in the industry. If parts are not to the quality that we would expect, they will not be fitted to one of our cars. 

Additionally, we make it our primary goal to hire top engineers that are competent, capable and able to adhere to our high standards – and this applies to all our engineers, whether they are working in design, manufacturing, or any other area. 

All of this can be summarised by our manufacturing philosophies. The Toyota Production System (TPS) is at the heart of all our manufacturing and is exemplified by the concept of “jidoka”. This refers to components and assembly lines being built bit-by-bit by skilled operators to exacting standards. We integrate the well-established practice of “kaizen” (continuous and iterative improvement) to ensure quality. Once this process is complete, we can release the mechanism into general assembly and any operator can use it. This simplifies the manufacturing process and means that we can produce a consistent result of exceptional quality, every time.

2. Toyota’s commitment to safety

Toyota’s unwavering commitment to safety is a testament to its holistic approach towards creating vehicles that not only lead in reliability but also in ensuring the well-being of their occupants. At the heart of Toyota’s safety philosophy is the integration of advanced safety technologies across its range. Toyota Safety Sense, a suite of active safety features, shows this commitment. This technology bundle, standard in many Toyota models, includes features such as automatic high beams, pre-collision systems with pedestrian detection, lane departure alerts with steering assist, and dynamic radar cruise control. These innovations work in concert to mitigate accidents and enhance driver awareness. 

Toyota’s commitment extends beyond the incorporation of cutting-edge technology. We invest heavily in rigorous testing and research to ensure that every vehicle meets stringent safety standards, usually surpassing local and international requirements. This commitment is reflected in the high safety ratings consistently awarded to Toyota vehicles by major safety organisations. 

All of this adds up to the fact that Toyotas are renowned for being some of the safest cars on the road the world over – and this contributes greatly to the fact that they hold their value better than other brands.

3. Innovation

Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to innovation – and this is why we’re known as pioneers in the motoring industry. We can trace our innovative roots to our founder, Sakichi Toyoda, who invented the automatic loom designed to improve conditions for manual loom workers. This innovative mindset was brought to car manufacturing and is responsible for some of the greatest innovations in automotive history – such as the first mass-produced hybrid car (the Toyota Prius) in 1997, and the world’s first hydrogen vehicle (the Toyota Mirai) in 2014.  

While these innovations are groundbreaking, Toyota also fosters a culture of continuous improvement and innovation – such as the inclusion of Toyota Safety Sense in our vehicles designed to make our customers safer on the road, as well as our innovations in hybrid drivetrain technology, making our hybrids some of the most efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicles on the road. All this adds up to an unmatched reputation, which, as a Toyota owner, helps maintain the value of your car.

4. Satisfaction among Toyota owners

Toyota owners are some of our best brand ambassadors – and Toyota routinely tops owner satisfaction charts the world over. For example, Toyota has placed highly in the “What Car?” 2024 owner satisfaction survey in the UK, and the “iSeeCars” owner satisfaction survey in the US. This is on top of similar accolades globally that we have been receiving for many years, which commend us on our reliability, owner satisfaction, safety, innovation, and resale value. 

All of this adds up to the fact that when you buy a Toyota, you know that it will hold its value exceptionally well – and will probably be the most reliable car you’ve ever owned!


Are Toyota vehicles more expensive to maintain compared to other cars?

Because we use such high-quality components and have such stringent quality control standards, our cars are renowned for reliability. A reliable car breaks down less often, requiring fewer repairs and therefore costs less to keep on the road. Therefore, if anything, Toyotas are some of the most cost-effective vehicles to own.

What drives such high customer satisfaction from Toyota owners?

Our cars are reliable, efficient, safe, and stylish – and we understand that these are qualities most car owners want from a vehicle. Customers can depend on their Toyota – and this is why our customers are so satisfied with their vehicles.

Do Toyota hybrid cars retain their value as much as petrol-powered cars?

Hybrids across the board are holding their value better than electric cars and petrol-powered cars at the moment. The reasons for this are numerous, but this trend does carry over to Toyota cars – our hybrids are some of the most dependable and reliable out there (remember we were the pioneers in this area) and hold their value at least as well if not better than our petrol-powered cars.

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