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6 of the UK’s top 10 most economical hybrids are produced by Toyota, with the Yaris Cross as #1!


Driving a Toyota Hybrid means driving like you always have, but with up to 62% in pure electric power! When it comes to Hybrid cars, Toyota has revolutionised the market for over 25 years, with the current 5th generation hybrid powertrain offering a smooth and seamless driving experience, automatic shifts between the petrol engine and the hybrid battery, reduced gas consumption, and overall lower emissions! Join 15 million other drivers globally and experience the Toyota Self-Charging Hybrid innovation for yourself!



Self-Charging Hybrid

Our 5th generation hybrid is proven to be fuel-efficient and offer a safe driving experience with no plug-in required, so you can drive the way you always have.

Up to 15 year Warranty

Toyota Warranty is a revolutionary service giving Toyota owners up to 10 years Warranty on a new car and up to 15 years Warranty on each Hybrid Battery!

Less Time Fuelling Up

Thanks to Toyota’s efficient self-charging powertrain, you’ll never have to plug in your car AND spend less time at the fuel station!

Lower Depreciation Rates

With its reliability and advanced tech, Toyota Hybrids boast a lower depreciation rate than traditional gas-powered cars.

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