The fourth generation Toyota Yaris, launched in 2020, delivers a car that is engaging and exciting to drive, while providing a practical and eco-friendly urban driving solution. One of the smartest and most dynamic superminis on the market today, the fourth generation Yaris is the best one yet, and offers an enhanced, fuel efficient and stylish option in urban mobility for today’s discerning customers. The Yaris is an absolute best seller in Malta, confirming its qualities and ability as a total all-rounder.

Development Vision

The development vision and design philosophy of the Toyota Yaris is deeply rooted in adapting to the changing nature of the car industry, with a focus on compactness, efficiency and driver enjoyment. Chief engineer Yasunori Suezawa emphasised the need to reconsider the values of a compact car like the Yaris, prioritising fuel economy, safety, space, usability and performance while at the same time, delivering a best-in-class driving experience. 

Our design philosophy has evolved from the original concept of the very first model of Yaris – the “Little Genius” named 2000 European Car of the Year. The fourth generation Yaris is a vehicle that has been designed from the ground up to be perfectly suited for urban environments, while also providing a dynamic and energetic driving experience. The Yaris was designed to resemble an athlete on the starting blocks, and the result is a car that appears lower, wider and more compact.  

Overall, the design of the new Yaris is practical and stylish, and delivers a functional and appealing product perfectly suited to urban driving. It’s no wonder that this compact genius reached ten million global sales in 2023!

In collaboration with Gazoo Racing, Toyota also reinvigorated the Yaris portfolio with the GR Yaris, a rally-inspired edition that has clinched rally championships and captivated enthusiasts worldwide since its launch in 2020. The GR Yaris was built with both the homologation rules of the World Rally Championship (WRC) in mind as well as the needs and comforts of the daily driver. They soon introduced a limited number of units for the general public, which were sold out instantly, highlighting the love that people share for the Yaris family as a whole.

Platform and Engine

The latest Yaris is built on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) GA-B platform, a first for a Toyota compact car. This is a significant development in our approach to car design and manufacturing, and represents a move towards a more modular and flexible platform. For the Yaris, this new platform brings several key new benefits, including:

1. Improved driving experience

The new platform leads to an enhanced driving experience by improving the vehicle’s handling and stability, lowering the centre of gravity and increasing body rigidity.

2. Safety enhancements

The structure of the new Yaris contributes to improved driver and passenger safety because it is designed to allow for the integration of modern and advanced safety technologies. It comes equipped with the latest Toyota Safety Sense, a comprehensive suite of driver-assistance features designed to enhance safety and reduce the risk of accidents. This system includes features like Pre-Collision System with pedestrian and cyclist detection, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Control which helps keep the car centered in its lane by issuing audio and visual warnings, and several other features such as Adaptive Cruise Control which work together to provide an extra layer of protection for both the driver and other road users.

3. Efficiency

The TNGA GA-B platform allows for the integration of advanced powertrains such as Toyota’s new 1.5L self-charging hybrid electric system, leading to better fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions. 

Speaking of the 1.5 litre self-charging hybrid electric system – this is the latest evolution of our renowned hybrid electric powertrain which, unlike plug-in hybrids (PHEV), do not need to be plugged in for their batteries to charge, but use a self-charging system which charges the battery whilst driving. This efficient engine offers improved fuel economy, lower emissions, as well as the ability to operate in zero-emission electric mode at higher speeds and over longer distances, perfectly matching the needs of todays’ urban driver and underpinning our commitment to efficient and environmentally conscious technology.

Interior Design

The fourth-generation Toyota Yaris features an interior design that is both modern and practical, adhering to a ‘less-is-more’ philosophy. This approach creates an open, spacious area for the driver and front passenger. The design of the cabin is focused on driver convenience and safety. Information is delivered through three interlinked sources: the central Toyota Touch screen, a TFT multi-information display in the instrument binnacle, and a 10-inch colour head-up display. This larger head-up display minimises driver distraction by projecting essential driving data and warnings, like navigation prompts and speed limits, directly onto the windscreen within the driver’s field of view . What’s more, the Yaris is generously equipped with features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as integrated connected services.  

With 281 litres of boot space, the Yaris comes with the perfect amount of space for everyday needs. The back seats are suitable for children and adults, meaning that even in the B-segment the Yaris offers a perfectly usable travel option for small families. The Yaris also offers handy and practical storage areas and spaces, providing convenient areas for small items like keys, phones or snacks. A practical choice for everyday urban use, the Yaris is very efficiently and cleverly designed to maximise the use of all the available space in a compact car.

The Toyota Yaris Heritage

Over nearly 25 years, the Yaris has emerged as a pivotal model for Toyota in Europe, with consistently growing sales and market share. One of the market leaders in the B-segment, the Yaris aligns with the shifting preferences of European customers, balancing practicality and cost-effectiveness with style, sportiness and an engaging driving experience.  

Launched in 1999, the first-generation Yaris was a groundbreaking model, winning European Car of the Year in 2000. The second generation Yaris continued this trend of setting benchmarks, becoming the first car in the B-segment to achieve the top rating (five stars) in Euro NCAP’s safety testing. The third generation further established the Yaris’ legacy by introducing hybrid electric power to the small car market, and advancing safety with the standardisation of Toyota Safety Sense active safety and driver assistance systems.

The rich heritage of the Yaris reflects Toyota’s commitment to innovation, safety and meeting the changing needs of drivers.

The Toyota Yaris is more than just a car – it’s a reflection of Toyota’s vision for the future of urban driving. The Yaris combines pioneering design, environmental consciousness and safety innovation. The Yaris is perfectly positioned to continue its popularity not just in Malta, but around the world.

If you’re interested in experiencing the next generation of urban driving, it’s good to know that Toyota Malta will be receiving the MY2024 upgraded version, which saw significant improvements in the hybrid engine’s performance, safety features, and digital user experience, very soon.


How does the Yaris perform in terms of fuel efficiency and emissions?

Achieving an impressive fuel efficiency of around 85 miles per gallon thanks to its innovative hybrid electric drivetrain, the Yaris represents Toyota’s efforts to create environmentally conscious urban vehicles. CO2 emissions are also some of the lowest in the class, at approx 75 g/km.

How spacious is the Yaris?

The Yaris is designed to maximise the use of the available space and when compared to other cars in its class, is quite spacious despite being a compact car designed for today’s cramped urban environments. For small families or couples, the Yaris is designed to make the most of the available space and present a practical alternative to other cars in its class.

How does the Yaris compare with other cars in its class?

The Yaris compares favourably to other cars in the B-segment. One of the most fuel efficient cars on the market, winning multiple awards including the 2021 Global Car of the Year Award, the Yaris’s hybrid electric powertrain is tough for the competition to match in terms of fuel efficiency, cost of maintenance and running as well as carbon emissions. The Yaris also has an excellent reputation for reliability, and the hybrid powertrain is well-regarded for its durability and longevity. It’s advanced safety features also place it a step above the competition, equipped with Toyota Safety Sense which offers advanced safety features for both driver and passenger.

What’s the Yaris like to drive?

Driving the Yaris is a unique experience which combines efficiency, comfort and agility, particularly suited to urban environments. With its agile and light handling, smooth ride and excellent urban performance, the Yaris is a very practical choice for those who prioritise urban maneuverability and fuel economy. 

Of course, the only real way to know what the Yaris is like to drive is by experiencing it yourself – which you can do by arranging a test drive here.

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