Keeping You Safe

Fitting the correct tyres can improve the safety, economy, road noise, and driving pleasure of your Toyota. So our experts always make sure yours are precisely the right ones for your car and that they’re in the best possible condition. And if they aren’t, we’ll advise and replace them for you.

Caring for your Tyres

  • Check tyre pressure regularly
  • Visually check tyres for uneven wear
  • Rotate tyres every 20,000 Km (or according to vehicle manual)
  • Replace tyres when thread is 2mm
  • Properly inflated tyres reduce fuel consumption by around 4% (source:


Through our sister company, Tyrehub, we stock  Bridgestone, Firestone, Marshal, Kenda, Dayton and Vee Rubber tyres.

Tyrehub is one of Malta’s leading tyre distributors and with a network of re-sellers covering all of Malta and Gozo, we offer an unmatched combination of quality product range, experience and expertise.

We are committed to and continuously focus on delivering the best brands at the best prices. For more info please log on


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