Why Service at Michael Debono Ltd

Customer care is so important to us that we place it together with automobiles at the very heart of our operation.
This combination of attentive customer care and world class automobiles is what we at Michael Debono Ltd believe is a true outstanding experience.

We strive to treat you, our customer, as a guest in our home.

Recognizing that each guest has different needs, our goal is to anticipate and personalize each solution to exceed
expectations, while recognizing that time is always at a premium.

To this extent, a state of the art client hub in which clients can wait for their vehicle in total comfort and connected to the world through Free Wifi, Internet stations and round the clock news.

In addition we also offer a Free of Charge Chauffer service to the client’s workplace if needed.

Our friendly, highly trained staff will be happy to offer advice to help meet your motoring needs.

Benefits of Servicing

Reduce fuel consumption, Increase lifetime of engine and running parts, Important for warranty claims

Service at regular intervals

Every year or 6,000 Miles (10,000 Kms), whichever comes first.  Services come in two forms:

Service B - Regular Service

  • Free Visual Safety Report
  • Replace Oil and Oil Filter
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Top Up Windscreen Fluid

Service C - General Service (Same as Service B with additional:)

  • Replace oil
  • Replace oil Filter
  • Replace AC Filter
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Top-up windscreen fluid
  • Add Fuel Injection Cleaner
  • Full Vehicle Check

Free Visual Safety Report


Headlight Restoration Service

Guaranteed to make your headlamps look as new for ONLY €99


Request a Service

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri 06:15 - 18:00

Saturday 07:30 - 13:00


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