All SUV. All Hybrid.

Refined and individual, the All New RAV4 fuses true SUV character with style and technology. A unique combination of high torque and low emissions makes the RAV4 the ‘go anywhere’ vehicle, perfectly suited to both country roads and city streets.

About RAV4

Toyota Safety Sense: Pre-collision system with Pedestrian detection

Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection will keep a wide-eyed lookout for the safety of pedestrians. Find out what it's like to drive with Toyota Safety Sense.

Toyota Safety Sense: Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control is your cockpit co-pilot for tiring motorway drives. Find out what it's like to drive with Toyota Safety Sense.


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Dimensions (mm)

4600 2690
1855 1640 1855 1610 1685

Why choose Hybrid?

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Frequently asked questionsMaintaining and replacing Hybrid batteries during and beyond the warranty. Recycling the Hybrid batteries. Servicing a Toyota Hybrid car vs a traditionally powered car.

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