RAV4. Change perspective. Redefine innovation.

The new RAV4 showcases a vast array of pioneering technologies with tangible real-world benefits: from the advanced dynamics of a new hybrid system and reassurance of Toyota Safety Sense, to the ingenuity of a Panoramic View Monitor. New RAV4, more reasons to explore.

About RAV4

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Review

Famed for its reliability, rugged build and driver appeal, we’ve now added our acclaimed hybrid engine to our top-selling family car – which means RAV4 now leads for comfort and economy – without the need to plug it in.

Toyota Safety Sense: Pre-collision system with Pedestrian detection

Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection will keep a wide-eyed lookout for the safety of pedestrians. Find out what it's like to drive with Toyota Safety Sense.

Toyota Safety Sense: Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control is your cockpit co-pilot for tiring motorway drives. Find out what it's like to drive with Toyota Safety Sense.

Designed for the limelight

For over 20 years RAV4 — the original compact SUV — has embodied a spirit for go-anywhere adventures. The new RAV4 with its sleek design and powerful stance makes you want to take it for a spin.

More reasons to explore

For when the going gets tough or cornering speeds rise, the new RAV4’s Integrated Dynamic Drive System (IDDS) has got even sharper and AWD provides you with the confidence to handle those challenging situations.


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4605 2660
1845 1570 1845 1570 1675

Why choose Hybrid?

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