Land Cruiser. Unstoppable. Uncompromised. Unlimited. 

Engineered and evolved over 60 years, today’s Land Cruiser 150 will take you from the heart of the city to the wilds of the country with style and comfort. Its contemporary good looks combine with robust 4WD functionality and a high quality interior featuring fold-flat seating for maximum versatility.

About Land Cruiser

Refinement that's unparalleled

The Land Cruiser is as sleek as it is agile and robust. LED front headlamps featuring daytime running lights, an imposing front grille, fog lamps and lower grille give it serious urban appeal and off-road presence.

Drive anywhere

The Land Cruiser’s full time 4WD and multi-terrain management system makes conquering any landscape easy due to the innovative technology that’s become synonymous with Toyota.

Unbeatable protection

Safety features in the Land Cruiser are second to none, so you're free to enjoy the journey ahead.


The Land Cruiser has a global reputation based on over 60 years of undisputable quality. Our consistently high levels of customer satisfaction are testament to the design quality of this remarkable 4WD.


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Dimensions (mm)

4335 2450
1885 1585 1885 1585 1830

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