AYGO. It's time to play.

Countless customisation possibilities guarantee your AYGO is truly your own and with room for four in comfort and a compact and agile body, it’s the ideal choice for exploring the city in style. 

About Aygo

Toyota Safety Sense: Pre-Collision System

The Pre-Collision System detects objects on the road ahead and can reduce the risk of hitting the car in front. When it detects the possibility of a collision, it triggers audible and visual warnings to prompt the driver to brake.

Toyota Safety Sense: Lane Departure Alert

The Lane Departure Alert system monitors lane markings on the road and helps prevent accidents. If the vehicle starts to deviate from its lane without the turn indicators, LDA alerts the driver with visual and audible warnings.

Customisable Design

Get customising with our 2 exterior styling packs available on x-play! Stand out with OUTstand, or if you prefer more subtle combinations, gleam with OUTglow and other variations!

Nimble and Roomy

Our engineers have worked their magic. AYGO may be compact on the outside, but their clever design means it’s amazingly roomy. AYGO’s suspension gives an even smoother drive, no road is too narrow, no turn too tight.

Fun Driving without Big Bills

Our engineers sent the already efficient three-cylinder engine to the gym, improving the engine’s breathing and reducing internal friction. So it’s even more responsive and fun to drive, while low CO2 means no road tax.


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Dimensions (mm)

3455 2340
1615 1420 1615 1430 1460

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