Benefits of Converting to LPG at Michael Debono Ltd

  • Save up to 50% on fuel consumption
  • We convert all makes and models
  • 2 years warranty on conversions
  • Payments by installments available
  • Priority use of bus lanes
  • €200 government grant

What does LPG mean in a car?

LPG stands for Liquid Petroleum Gas which is a refined petroleum gas used as a "green" replacement fuel in converted vehicles.

At Michael Debono Ltd we will convert your car to LPG and will ensure that all works are done properly to the highest of standards. To this effect we only install market leading Landi Renzo SpA kits.  A two year warranty period is given on all parts and labour related to the conversion.

It is very important to note that LPG conversions do not harm the engine or the rest of the car and makes no difference to the safety or ordinary servicing.

You will also benefit from a €200 grant given by the Maltese government.  In addition Transport Malta has also granted the use of Bus Lanes to LPG converted vehicles making your car journey faster.

At Michael Debono Ltd, we do not only convert Toyota models but all car makes and models.

LPG/Autogas Conversion cost ranges from €920 to €1100 incl labour, depending on the vehicle model.  This excludes €200 Government Grant

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